Online Shop

Please come and visit our makers online shops, below are just a selection of hand made Irish products available to purchase online.

Emma Jane Champley

These wood and sterling silver earrings combine vibrant pops of colour with geometric silver shapes.

Movement makes these ear drops fun to wear, the earth’s colourful rocks and precious metal perfectly combined.

The Eclipse bangle is handmade in sterling silver and comes in small, medium and large sizes.

This chain mail bracelet has a lovely fluid movement, it is noticeably weighty yet comfortable to wear.

mmceramics by Martin Marley

Decorative gourd inspired bowls. Stoneware with coloured glazes in blue, green, and cream options.

Porcelain vases with iron decorative glaze exterior and gloss interior glaze.


Sculptural formed porcelain pendants on a leather neck cord. High fired with a integrated iron glaze decoration.

A collection of hand build figurative sculptures in stoneware or porcelain. Images and prices for reference only,

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